Elite Design Industries

Web Design - Graphic Design - Branding - Illustration

Elite Design Industries is a new business! Previously know as Quick Quirky Designs,
it was time for a redesign that reflected the business growth.
We are based in the South West; Bunbury and Perth Western Australia.
Stay tuned for more information, prices and previous projects to be launched. 
If you have any question please see the contact details above.

Digital Experiences

We create + develop premium user experiences for web + mobile. We mix art, technology and analytics to create an outcome that builds strong relationships between your brand and your customers, helping your business get more online leads and sales.

Design Choices Matter

Every decision made leading up to the launch of your website matters. The design, layout, style, the messaging and content, the usability and the speed of the site. All of these things combine to create an impression of your business.

Take a look at your current site (if you have one), does it look trustworthy? Your website can say a lot about your business, perhaps more than any other marketing device. Having an updated website that has a clean and modern web design, with a focus on the user, is what makes the difference between visitors that leave right-away and long-term repeat customers. We believe in designing unique websites that have a lasting value for you and your visitors.

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