Elite Design Industries

Elite Design Ind. is a growing business that currently offer web design, logo design, branding and illustration. 


To assist small business grow at an affordable price with complete transparency and educate when necessary.


I am endeavouring to find other like-minded creatives with the potential to help my business grow and reach my objective. 

That being to offer potential clients one place, one company, one manager that can offer them everything their business needs. Weather it be the launch of a new business or a re-brand for a major company, I see the value it could bring having everything you need in one place. 

Elite Design Ind

About Me

Who is your web designer? That would be me, Wade Pickering the founder of Elite Design Ind.
I’ve have always been a creative, I studied Art, Photography and Graphic Design all through high school winning a few competition along the way.

When I left school I went out into the work force doing any job that came by me, it wasn’t until my partner decided to studied at University that I started questioning my future.
I came back full circle to design. While working two jobs I decided to study Design Fundamentals at Tafe and look for a job in the design industry. 

I applied for all and every job under the sun – until I got offered a internship as a web designer in Burswood (Perth).

I got paid the absolute minimum wage as an intern but I couldn’t put a price on the knowledge that came with the job.

I stayed at that firm for a few years working my way to the top. I became the lead-designer managing 7 other web developers (this was a tough one since I was the youngest developer there).

Certain circumstance arose, I moved away, Covid19 became an undeniable reality, the firm closed and I decided to get any job I could to pay the bills. 

Then Elite Design Industries was born (previously know as Quick Quirky Designs). I decided to turn my freelancing into a part time job working from my home office and finding other like-minded creative to join my team.

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