About US

A little bit about me

Who is your web designer?
That would be me, Wade Bevan the founder of Elite Design Industries.
I’ve have always been a creative, I’ve studied Visual Art, Photography, Graphic Design & Web Design.

I’ve always had an eye for detail and a vision for my creative future, although I never in a million years thought I would be a web designer. I was so worried about not having enough experience or being able to earn enough to put food on the table that my dreams were always pushed back by constant self doubt.

But then I realized that’s where my passion really lies. With the support of my partner, I up and quit my day job and started Elite Design Industries into the small growing business it is today.
Helping people with my creativity is what warms my soul and makes me happy!

Get to know me more


I love traveling Australia (outback & coast). My favorite place would have to be Broome (so far). I spend most holidays road tripping locally and far around with friends and family.

in my free time

I watch movies, drink green tea and read books, go for morning walks (with my two frenchies), 3 days a week at the gym, watch sunsets, and beach days with ice-cream!

designer stereotype

Don’t let the make-up and desk job fool you! I have my own 4WD that I service myself, I race go-karts from time to time, I know my way around the spanners and love camping & the great outdoors! 


A summer afternoon sunset down by a quiet beach with a Margherita pizza, freshly cracked cider and the love of my life, friends, family and two cheeky frenchies (Milo & Malt).