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Digital Design

The abundance of screens in day-to-day life means the designs we see on those digital devices have more impact than ever before.
Technology has advanced so rapidly over time that digital design is a much more streamlined process these days than in the past. As more people take improvements in technology and innovations for granted, digital design has become an increasingly important area. 

It takes your visitors .5 seconds to form an opinion of your
business. So best make that first impression count.

Why Choose Elite Design Industries

web design

This is our main service, because each website is custom built to suit your business. We have a range of web design packages that are matched to your business needs and budget.


We make sure all the tangible elements of branding and graphic design come together to create your brand identity – think of it like the personality of your business. We help that personality shine through and impress the right people.

graphic design

We’ll bring your brand to life and send it out to the world to connect with your audiences in the best way possible. Stationery, brochures, signage – we can help you showcase your brand in the places your audiences eat, play, live and work.


We believe thoughtful, brand specific photography is a huge asset to any business looking to grow. When representing your brand you want to make sure it’s the very best; our photography captures that in people, places and products.